The right gear for fishing 


The right gear for fishing 

Gilles André

Moniteur, accompagnateur, guide de pêche, a  inventé l'AGPB et le OUIM afin de faciliter la vie du pêcheur et lutter contre les contraintes de la pêche.

Ces produits sont vendus par internet ou au magasin de Modane(73).

Le porte brins " AGPB"

Invention breveté 

Brown door to attach to your fishing rod 

✓ Saving time when assembling and dismantling the cane

✓ Easy to store cane strands

✓ Can fit on almost any fishing rod


Harness door cane and accessories, built-in net 

✓ Easier - speed to put on the harness

✓ Robust - very comfortable, great ease in the mobility of the sign

✓ Practical for positioning the cane and net 

✓ Multi-function allows you to clip a multitude of accessories

✓ It is possible to compose the arrangement of the accessories on the harness yourself

✓ Epuisette included with the harness also serves as a silk picker.

Le Porte cannes AGPB

The stool allows you to sit and secure the canes and nets. 


✓ Light - practical,

✓ Transport of all the canes as well as the net

✓ Functional, allows to clip on several canes.


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