Lesson by Gilles André

He is a monitor, guide, and fishing guide and water. You will learn the different fishing techniques practiced in Maurienne. (throw, knock, fly, bombshell ....)

Guidance, private lessons, fly mounting

Fishing and you! 

Fly Guidance, Course and Mounting

Initiation fly throw

Learn fly-throwing





du lancer de mouche

Learn fly-throwing

Perfecting on cane toss




Fishing guidance 

Learning to position yourself 

Perfecting in nymph fishing, streamering, dry,

walnut ... 

Riding a cane 

Riding a rat's tail

Anthomology, read the language of birds, the wind, sign of nature. 

Relearn the lost or ignored knowledge factors of nature. 

1/2 day 125€

1 day 220€

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